Odore Temporum

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Fragrance collection inspired by Witches’ Pyramid

Category: Tools and oracles

NOSCERE - Knowledge (Spring)



This fragrance is fresh, sharp as the power of clear thought, with a touch of the ancient sacred, when the components of this elixir were equal in value to the power of gold.

Noscere will open your magical mind and positively influence the course of every ritual, by day and by night, in the depths of the woods and by the ceremonial altar.

Its lilting composition is perfect for awakening the third eye of women and men alike, whether reading Femme Occulte texts or gaining wisdom from other worlds.


AUDERE - Courage (Summer)




Strong, sweet and herbal fragrance, yet light and suitable for working constructively with one's fears and for calming down after a hard day.

Audere brings the harmony necessary to personify controlled impulsivity, combining many opposites in the same way that our Summer issues often combine several elements and perspectives.

The secrets of the occult are revealed to those who delve into their inner power.

- Will (Autumn)

White Tea

White Rose


A floral fragrance with a sweeter yet fresh character, suitable for shadow work and promoting self-love.

Velle atmospherically adorns the Autumn issue, and even after a few weeks you can still feel its sensual waves while reading our chapters.

In the same way, it can now enchant your ceremonial clothes, sacred objects or ritual tools and connect them to your intention to magically act in alignment with the Will.


TACERE - Silence (Winter)

Black Tea

Tea Rose

A floral scent, sweet, warm but light in character, suitable for cultivating inner peace.

Tacere evokes a happy and relaxed inner peace as it smells from the texts of our Winter issue.

You can now easily bring it into your magical practice and use it to awaken previously silent psychic abilities and senses.


Ritual fragrance can be used to evoke a sacred atmosphere, to bless objects, and also to apply on the skin, but it is not recommended by us if hypersensitive.

Shake before use, do not mix with other liquids.

Ritual fragrances are made by Aconitum @cottagewitchapothecary