Ritual package AUTUMN 2021

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Include ideas from the Autumn issue into your practice.

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The content of the ritual package reflects the Autumn issue. The tea magic is supported by flowering tea with beautiful yellow-golden flowers that emerge from the green leaf shell after pouring hot water over them. We recommend preparing it in a glass teapot, in which this beauty can stand out in several infusions. The enticed senses will then open the gates of the subconscious and help in reading our texts and the Grand Tableau compiled from the original Lenormand cards in our traditional black and ochre colours, drawn and prepared by Belladonna. To continue working with incense, we have selected shells suitable for charring and burning on the coals, for example, during healing by fumigation. Everything is packed in the traditional cloth bag for further use in your practice, which this year features a black colour. After the previous white logo, it is now adorned with an ochre logo, matching the colour of the oracle deck so that it can become its permanent packaging.


Ritual package for Autumn 2021 includes:

Lenormand oracle cards

Incense onycha shells

Blooming tea

Black bag


Check also the sheet Videos for closer look on the deck and other package content.

Autumn ritual package 2021


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