Ritual package AUTUMN 2022

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Include ideas from the Autumn issue into your practice.

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The autumn issue is associated both with the depths of the waters and their surface. The surface mirrors the lunar goddesses of many pantheons. Roman Luna is probably the most general one, as we often call the moon by her name. Therefore, she is depicted on the card in the ritual package that accompanies this quarter. Let her faces give a hint to all who will meditate on their birth phase. 

We are continuing in the oracle series. This time, we have chosen the Druid alphabet coelbren, which Triticum has elaborated into a mythological and interpretative system, with illustrations by Belladonna. The basic meanings can be found at the end of the issue, and their further elaboration from a mythological and illustrative point of view will be presented in Liber Magicae III next year. 

Your magical practice will enrich folding paper fan, which can be adapted according to Corydalis' instructions within the framework of Eastern Taoist magick. The pleasant smell of oak wood from the stove incense burner will tune you into the energy of the season.


Ritual package for Autumn 2022 contains:

Coelbren Cerridwen oracle

Paper fan

Oak bark incense

Devotional card of the goddess Luna for invocation, meditation and working with the energy of the Moon

Natural bag


Ritual package Autumn