Ritual package SPRING 2022

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Include ideas from the Spring issue into your practice.

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The Spring ritual package contains another of our original card oracles illustrated by Belladonna, I-Ching. Alongside it, after research on our social media (Instagram @femmeocculte and Facebook Femme Occulte), we have included a card depicting the deity at your request. The illustration's first goddess you can interact with is Cerridwen, lady of the witch's cauldron of inspiration. As always, we will also delight your olfactory sense with another type of fumigant - Thai scented candle to scent your meals.


Ritual package for Spring 2022 includes:

I-ching cards with trigramy in two prints, so the hexagrams can be created from them

Thai scented candle Thein-Oob aroma for scenting sweet meals (see the guidelines in the Spring issue)

Devotional card of the goddess Cerridwen for invocation, meditation and working with the Wheel of Cerridwen (A6 size)

Natural linen bag


Take a closer look at the package on the sheet Videos!

Belladonna o Jarním rituálním balíčku (Czech)

Ritual package Spring 2022

Tvorba / Making of I-CHING