Ritual package SUMMER 2021

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Include ideas from the Summer issue into your practice.

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The summer package 2021 again includes items for practical use and trying out the procedures described in our chapters during the related quarterly magazine. Among them are seeds of an uplifting tonka plant, Egyptian solid fumigant kyphi made according to Datura's secret and years-proven recipe, yarn dolls for home protection from the workshop @noxys.cz, rope incense about which writes Rhoda, and finally a rune deck painted by Belladonna. Our readers had an opportunity to vote on our Instagram @femmeocculte about the final appearance of the deck and chose to include a Wyrd card in addition to our slightly adjusted version of elder futhark.


Ritual package for SUMMER 2021 includes:

Runic cards

Handmade incense Kyphi

Seeds of Borago officinalis

5 Incense braids

Yarn doll

Black bag


Check also the sheet Videos for closer look on the deck and other package content.

Belladonna o letním rituálním balíčku

Summer ritual package and Rune deck