Ritual package SUMMER 2022

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Include ideas from the Summer issue into your practice.

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In addition to the 22-card astrological oracle (10 planets and 12 zodiac signs), we have included a goddess card in the Summer ritual package for your rituals. The goddess Hestia will bring harmony and security to your home. In the natural linen bag are also seeds of edible flowers. You can add them to decorate dishes from our summer recipes. Another part is a scented wax for aroma lamp with a mystical blend of myrrh and frankincense by Aconitum’s workshop.


Ritual package for Summer 2022 includes:

Astrology deck

Scented wax for aroma lamp

Devotional card of the goddess Hestia for invocation, meditation and working with the energy of the home

Natural linen bag with white logo


Take a closer look at the package on the sheet Videos!

Astrology oracle / Astrologické karty

Belladonna o rituálním balíčku Léto 2022

Ritual package / Rituální balíček