Issue 1 - SPRING 2021

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Inspired by Knowledge, Air element, and Spring season.

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Knowledge is the motivation and the main driving force of all world-seekers and possibilities beyond material reality. Fascinated by human history and the abilities of the mind, body and soul, we desire to acquire more and more wisdom, which often comes with age through not only intellectual but also essentially experiential cognition. Associated with the element of Air, knowledge becomes the first theme of 2021, the year of the magical pyramid.

In the usual 100 pages of the book, therefore, in this issue, all our thoughts intertwine like smoke over a few fragrant incense cones to tickle your consciousness and subconscious, encourage and stimulate your desire to know, learn and gain new inspiration for your practice.

With a fresh icy breeze and crisp snow under our feet, we enter the tradition of the Old Way, which will help us prepare for the coming period of early spring and spring. We will learn to trust our personal gnosis and develop our mind into several layers so that we can know the natural correspondences and properties of plants, minerals and other magical elements with the help of a hermetic key.

"I think therefore I am," said the well-known philosopher, and indeed philosophy is also widely included in the subject of knowledge. In our texts you will find it primarily as one of the paths of ancient magic, in an article which was prepared for us by our new seedling. In addition to the world of ancient Greece, another of our seedlings opens up the theme of the Jewish Kabbalah. As we are used to, deep thought is also found in the field of astrology.

We hope that the new branches of our growing garden will firmly root and through the first leaves sprouting from the ground, will grow into beauty with the caress of the breeze and will bear fruit not only on the pages of Femme Occulte, but also in your lives.


On 100 pages of the Spring issue you can find: 

Stimulating plants



Incense cones

Correspondences of Knowledge

Mythical creatures of Air

Hermetic analogy of plants

Tarot: King of Swords

Magical Prague


Hedge Witchcraft


Antique magic



Introduction to Qabbalah

and many more...


100 pages

B5 (9.9 x 6.9 inch / 25 x 17.5 cm)

FSC certified paper

Digital print

Perfect-bound paperback 

Full-colour photography and illustrations

Scented to enhance sensory experience 


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