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The 2nd edition of the original tree oracle

Category: Tools and oracles

Stromocculum contains 32 tree cards that form a magical alphabet based on ogham. 

This edition is enriched with a bilingual (EN/CZ) brochure with in-depth card interpretations, a description of the trees, and instructions for working with them. 

In the new brochure, information about individual tree species is elaborated on to help search for their species in nature. Likewise, translations of the original names of letters and two-word designations, based on which the meanings of the individual characters were created, have been added.

The cards are carefully created to match the original medieval meanings as well as the gnosis of current authors. They are enriched by a branch of often forgotten woody plants and letters. This way they are both a divination tool and a magical alphabet. The deck contains a card with the key of meanings, a tree calendar, and the ogham hand for easier memorization of the letters. This is the second edition and contains a booklet with card meanings, tree descriptions, and the key for using them.


The deck is packed in an original wooden engraved box.

The box and booklet will not be sold separately.

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Interview with the creatrix Belladonna