The Summer 2020 book with the theme of the Element of Fire and holidays Beltane and Midsummer.

On the 100 pages of the summer issue you will find articles and tutorials on: 


  • Sacred Lotus

  • Incense: Dragon Blood

  • Techniques of Fire

  • Battle of Fire and Air


  • 5 Models Magic

  • Chaos Magic 

  • Sigil Magic

  • Color Magic

  • Candle Magic


  • Eco Divination

  • Working with Energy

  • Palette of Light and Darkness 


  • Beltane

  • Midsummer


  • Planetary Pentacles

  • Attunement: Venus, Mars, Sun

  • Lunar Magic: Full Moon

... and many others.


Included as a gift is the quarterly magical calendar.


The Summer 2020 ritual package is not a part of this listing.


 •  We print once a month based on the orders we receive. That means, that if you place your order by  28th of the month, your order will be shipped in the beginning of the following month.



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Femme Occulte SUMMER 2020 issue in English


Femme Occulte is a quarterly book focused on occultism, magic, mysticism and witchcraft. We are going to include some tips for seeking beginners, but more importantly a majority of articles for advanced practitioners who want a new, deeper experience.


We are a journal about things above and below, we communicate with deities and let ourselves be guided by intuition, we read, gather and verify information until the early morning hours.


We are inspired by nature, each other and by our personal spirituality. For Femme Occulte we write articles, take pictures and illustrate, all in an endless creative desire to enrich and help others on their diverse journeys.


We are the right reading material for women who have taken their lives into their own hands and are determined to create change inside and out. For those who want to achieve full self-knowledge and understanding of the meaning of their existence in the world. They want to develop and advance in their sacred practice.


We are here to share our experiences and opinions that can be practically applied or perceived as a different points of view. Our aim is to show various ways of improving lives through magic and mystery.


We are occult women.

We are Femme Occulte.

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