What is femme occulte?

Next issue 1.4.2020

Femme Occulte is a quarterly book focused on occultism, magick, mysticism and witchcraft. We are going to include some tips for seeking beginners, but more importantly a majority of articles for advanced practitioners who want a new, deeper experience.


We are the right reading material for women who have taken their lives into their own hands and are determined to create change inside and out. For those who want to achieve full self-knowledge and understanding of the meaning of their existence in the world. They want to develop and advance in their sacred practice.


We are here to share our experiences and opinions that can be practically applied or perceived as a different point of view. Our aim is to show various ways of improving lives through magick and mystery.


We are occult women.

We are Femme Occulte.



imbolc recipes

Besides the history and correspondences of each of the sabbats, you will find several delicious sabbat recipes. 

OSTARa comics

How to charge an Ostara egg with an energy orb? You will find out in our Ostara comics.


Incenses are an important part of our practice and so we dedicated a few chapters to them, including an introduction article.

luna and mercury

Impressionistic short stories about the character of the energies of planetary magick will allow you to experience Lunar visions and the Memories of Mercury and will help to attune you and to comprehend their essence. 

techniques of AIR

The element of Air is the guide of the first issue. Among other things, you will learn more about the various divination techniques of Air.

Magical herbs

Establishing a relationship and communication with the spirit of the plant which one is getting to know is crucial for its further use in independent practice. Even herbs have a soul. How to approach and communicate with those of Wormwood and Mugwort will be the topic of this issue.


Different types of altars became a running theme in the spring chapters. In this issue you will find several inspirational photographs as well as inspiration for building an eco-altar or an article about the possible structuring of a ceremonial working altar.

queen of swords

Because dry descriptions of tarot cards can be found almost everywhere, we in Femme Occulte have tackled them in a very different way. 

HILMA af klint

An article about the swedish abstract painter, who dedicated her work to entities she communicated with during her spirit seances. 






An airy fairy seeking inspiration for everyday life among clouds of fragrant smoke.
She deals mainly with the folk magic of Slavic ancestors, but sometimes also dives into the waters of occultism. She seeks inspiration for practice mainly in historical sources.


A vlogger, a shadow coach and an artist. She approaches witchcraft as an eclectic hedge witch and loves to contemplate over philosophical and psychological topics as well as about sacred mysteries among the swamps. She brings Muses into matter in harmony with Nature.


Datura works in her practice and profession with plants by creating magical compositions.

She is currently studying aromatherapy and, in her spiritual/magical practice focuses on Renaissance occultism in a modern form.

In the past, she also devoted herself to Norse magic, Eastern spirituality and is initiated to the second degree of reiki.



next issue in english will come out 1.4.2020
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