What is femme occulte?

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Femme Occulte is a quarterly book focused on occultism, magick, mysticism and witchcraft. We are going to include some tips for seeking beginners, but more importantly a majority of articles for advanced practitioners who want a new, deeper experience.


We are the right reading material for women who have taken their lives into their own hands and are determined to create change inside and out. For those who want to achieve full self-knowledge and understanding of the meaning of their existence in the world. They want to develop and advance in their sacred practice.


We are here to share our experiences and opinions that can be practically applied or perceived as a different point of view. Our aim is to show various ways of improving lives through magick and mystery.


We are occult women.

We are Femme Occulte.



Spring 2021


With the new year, we are opening a new concept and new chapters! This time the holidays will be accompanied by the holidays of the Old Way of traditional witchcraft. In the first issue of 2021, you can look forward to a period of the magical pre-spring and spring. Just like last year, the wheel of the year will be complemented by comics and seasonal recipes.


The main thematic thread of the year will be spun by the Hermetic Pyramid this year. We have carefully assigned its four pillars to individual quarters, and in the upcoming issue, you can look forward to Knowledge, its correspondences, and understanding of the concept by several authors.


Datura talks about the importance of personal gnosis and the possibilities and degrees of its verifiability in her article.


Rhoda will follow up on last year's foundations of color magic with an article on colormancy, which she will supplement together with Belladonna with correspondences of different colors of Luna.


We will also continue with articles on plant magic, but we have partially changed the layout of the herbal section: more articles in the original format await you in the form of articles on the trees of the season, but the herb of the quarter has grown into a bed of related plants. Stimulating plants for the mind and soul are the first to look forward to seeing you.


From the spring issue, plant spirits will also be accompanied by the beauty of the mineral kingdom in new articles on minerals. But it would not be us not to approach this topic a little differently than you are used to from other stone guides.


Hand in hand with natural magic and in connection with the ecologically tuned chapters of last year's series Earthcare, Hedge Witchcraft and several of its techniques, which have been tested by Belladonna firsthand, also come into play.


The beautiful Queens and their stories are chaperoned by their precious halves - the elegant Kings. Or not quite so? Be surprised by the first of the stories that will bring us back to the Kingdom of Swords.


We have indicated before that we are determined to examine the Tarot other than through the usual interpretations. Datura will introduce her original practice to you in an article on Scrying with Tarot.


The Femme Occulte garden is growing happily, so you will be greeted by several new seedlings. Just like last year, Oleander will bring you interesting facts from the world of Astrology. Aconitum describes the rituals of the Old Way. Sideritis introduces Antique magic through the eyes of philosophy. And Papaver will pass on her academic knowledge of the Kabbalah.






An airy fairy seeking inspiration for everyday life among clouds of fragrant smoke.
She deals mainly with the folk magic of Slavic ancestors, but sometimes also dives into the waters of occultism. She seeks inspiration for practice mainly in historical sources.


A vlogger, a shadow coach and an artist. She approaches witchcraft as an eclectic hedge witch and loves to contemplate over philosophical and psychological topics as well as about sacred mysteries among the swamps. She brings Muses into matter in harmony with Nature.


Datura works in her practice and profession with plants by creating magical compositions.

She is currently studying aromatherapy and, in her spiritual/magical practice focuses on Renaissance occultism in a modern form.

In the past, she also devoted herself to Norse magic, Eastern spirituality and is initiated to the second degree of reiki.



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