Liber Magicae

Based on the interest of our readers, we are honoured to announce the planned reprint of the book summarising the first year of Femme Occulte. 

We hope to open the preorders this autumn. The book collecting chapters from the current year is after our experience planned for spring 2022.

We will keep you posted on our social media. You can always find us at @femmeocculte.


Liber Magicae I is the natural conclusion of the 2020 series, which looked in depth into elemental magick and the four elements - Air. Fire, Water, and Earth - thereby tying everything together by adding the fifth element, Quintessence.

We present readers with the first compendium of chapters by Femme Occulte that contains all articles from the year 2020 plus additional chapters exclusive to the book. It was originally available in two versions: Limited edition numbered printing of 30 deluxe handmade leather-bound hardcover tomes and 70 handmade canvas-bound hardcover books. Both versions of the first edition are out of stock. The upcoming second edition currently undergoes another editing and minor changes and will be possibly canvas-bound as well.

When you open the book, you will see the Femme Occulte logo in our signature colours - gold on black. On the first page, the plants of three main authors welcome you in the book. Three pen-name plants and three occult women are then represented also by the three corn dolls on the following page, after which come our two introductory texts. The list of contents follows.

The book is divided into thematic sections and the chapters are listed both in the main list of contents and at the beginning of each section to easily navigate through the whole book. The sections are divided from each other by our floral tapestry and they are as follows: Magical Practice, Astrology, Elements, Natural Magick, Sabbaths, Mysteries & Appendices: In Our Garden Grow, Astrology, Reviews, Stromocculum, Recommended Literature & Other Sources. There is also a space for your notes, ideas and inspiration sparked by the chapters at the end of the book.

We hope Liber Magicae I to allow for more complex and comprehensive studies and practice with Femme Occulte, while bringing new insights and offering additional material and information.