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Liber Magicae IV Tools (2023)
Liber Magicae IV Tools (2023)
(€114,40 excl. VAT)

First edition of the 2023 chapters

Print 31.3.2024  (84 pcs)
RB 1
Incense Package LIBER IV
(€17,93 excl. VAT)

Try the incense in practice.

Print 31.3.2024  (9 pcs)
18 Spells of Hávamál
18 Spells of Hávamál
(€27,71 excl. VAT)

Graphic Grimoire in Cards 18 Spells of Hávamál with meanings and bindrunes by Šárka Sedláková is illustrated by Brad Robert Benford.

In stock  (39 pcs)
Spring 2024: Morning
Spring 2024: Morning
(€19,38 excl. VAT)

Get inspired to practise morning rituals and self-care.

In stock  (77 pcs)
Balicek 4
Ritual Package SPRING 2024
(€14,67 excl. VAT)

Try out the rituals we write about in the Spring issues  

In stock  (17 pcs)

Welcome to the Garden of Femme Occulte

Enter the magical garden of Femme Occulte, where you will discover the hidden treasures of your soul and the ancient secrets of this world. Join us on an inspiring journey to discover the magic of witchcraft and the occult and deepen your spiritual and physical experience.

Our advanced quarterly magazine Femme Occulte and Liber Magicae book anthologies present folk and foreign magic and mythology in a thorough, engaging and unique way! They unravel the mysteries of magical symbolism and philosophy, reveal the meanings and uses of ritual tools in occult practice, and bring a traditional perspective to the perception of the Mother Earth and its seasonal changes.

Peer into the depths of your soul and find a much-needed connection to nature and the omnipresent magical forces. Awaken the magical abilities within you and embrace the gifts their wisdom brings. Bring simple rituals and occult practices into your life that will give you a sense of strength and confidence, as well as inspiration and creativity.

With Femme Occulte, you will experience a rebirth of your unique spirituality in an unusual, safe way with guides who know their craft!