Liber Magicae - anthologies
Liber Magicae I (collection 2020)
Liber Magicae I (collection 2020)
(€87,82 excl. VAT)

Third edition of book concluding chapters 2020

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Liber Magicae II (collection 2021)
(€103,09 excl. VAT)

Second edition book concluding chapters 2021

Print 15.3.2023  (47 pcs)
Liber Magicae III (collection 2022)
Liber Magicae III (collection 2022)
(€110,73 excl. VAT)

First edition of the 2022 chapters + 4 goddess cards to the first 50 books!

Print 15.3.2023  (27 pcs)
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Ritual package Liber III
(€15,62 excl. VAT)

Include ideas from Liber Magicae III into your spiritual practice

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Oracle set Liber III
(€13,88 excl. VAT)

Use our newest oracles for divination and meditation

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Incense package Student
(€8,68 excl. VAT)

Try different ways of scenting your rituals

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Ritual package Liber II
(€15,62 excl. VAT)

Include ideas from Liber Magicae II into your practice

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Incense package Liber II
(€15,62 excl. VAT)

Try different ways of scenting your rituals

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Incense package Magus
(€12,15 excl. VAT)

Try different ways of scenting your rituals

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(€22,56 excl. VAT)

The second edition of Lenormand by Femme Occulte

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Lenormand reading tablecloth
(€26,03 excl. VAT)

Lenormand reading tablecloth, Altar tablecloth, Magical scarf

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Liber Haruspica
Liber Haruspica
(€17,18 excl. VAT)

Divinatory notebook with cards meanings

In stock  (10 pcs)

Welcome to the Garden of Femme Occulte

We create witchy magazines, occult books, ritual packages, and oracle decks.


Femme Occulte is created in the astral garden of a group of authors focused on the occult, magick, mysticism, and witchcraft. On our pages, you will find some advice for the seeking beginner, but above all chapters for the advanced practitioners who seek a new deeper experience.

We write about things above and below, within and without. We deal with energies from the environment of our native Czech basin, as well as worldwide magical techniques and systems. We direct the topics of the chapters not only to the sacred feminine but also into the hands of all practitioners who want to achieve full self-knowledge and understanding of the meaning of their existence in the world, who want to develop and move forward in their current sacred practice.

We communicate with the deities, we let our intuition guide us, we read, gather, and verify pieces of information. We create, translate, photograph, and illustrate, all in an endless creative desire to enrich and help others on their diverse journeys. We are inspired by the will of nature and our inner spirituality. Our purpose is to share experiences and gnosis that can be practically applied in rituals, or seen as another perspective. We aim to show different ways of improving life through magick and mysteries.


We are a wildly growing garden full of plants, seedlings and sprouts.


We are Femme Occulte.


Frequently asked questions

What does Bohemian mean?

Bohemia is a term for a larger part of what we currently call the Czech republic. In history, it was visited and lived in by Slavic, Celtic, Germanic and Roman tribes. 


Who is Femme Occulte for?

For all those interested in the magical arts who want to gain information from practice in the form of accounts of personal gnosis supported by both academic and other sources (see Bibliography).


Is this magazine only for women?

Femme Occulte (English: Occult Woman) is here for all genders. Our chapters are written by male and female authors and most of the texts are applicable to enrich the practice of all.


What is an astral garden?

We are a garden as we write under plant pennames. We are astral as we interconnect on many levels to many parts of the world.


What is the goal of the writers?

Our intention is to support those interested in our writings in their own active magical practice and self-development. Our ritual packages and oracles are also made for this purpose.


Do I need to have Liber Magicae I and II to work with Liber Magicae III?

You do not. Each year has its own thematic lines, which are brought together in one book. However, the books occasionally refer to previous years for additional information.


Do you ship to...

We ship all over the globe, if you do not see your country in the ordering process, just let us know over an email to or in the chat.