Volume II (2021)
Issue 1 - SPRING 2021
(€17,74 excl. VAT)

Inspired by Knowledge, Air element, and Spring season.

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Issue 2 - SUMMER 2021
(€17,74 excl. VAT)

Inspired by Courage, Fire element, and Summer season.

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Issue 3 - AUTUMN 2021
(€17,74 excl. VAT)

Inspired by Will, Water, and Autumn season.

Print 2.8.2021  (98 pcs)
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Ritual package SPRING 2021
(€14,51 excl. VAT)

Include ideas from the Spring issue into your practice.

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Ritual package SUMMER 2021
(€14,51 excl. VAT)

Include ideas from the Summer issue into your practice.

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Ritual package AUTUMN 2021
(€14,51 excl. VAT)

Include ideas from the Autumn issue into your practice.

Print 2.8.2021  (85 pcs)

Welcome to the Garden of Femme Occulte

We create witchy magazines, occult books, ritual packages, and oracle decks.


Femme Occulte is created in the astral garden of a group of authors focused on the occult, magick, mysticism, and witchcraft. You will find here some advice for the seeking beginner, but above all chapters for the advanced practitioner who want a new deeper experience.

We write about things above and below, within and without. We deal with energies from the environment of our native Czech basin as well as worldwide magical techniques and systems. We direct the topics of the chapters not only to the sacred feminine but also into the hands of all practitioners who want to achieve full self-knowledge and understanding of the meaning of their existence in the world, who want to develop and move forward in their current sacred practice.

We communicate with the deities, we let our intuition guide us, we read, gather, and verify pieces of information. We create, translate, photograph, and illustrate, all in an endless creative desire to enrich and help others on their diverse journeys. We are inspired by the will of nature and our inner spirituality. We are here to share our experiences and opinions that can be practically applied or seen as another perspective. We aim to show different ways of improving life through magick and mysteries.


We are a wildly growing garden full of plants - seedlings and sprouts.

We are part of the egregore of the occult woman.


We are Femme Occulte.