Ritual Tools

Ritual packages are an original opportunity to bring more practical magic and occultism into your life in a safe yet mystical way. Thanks to the knowledge and guidance imparted in the Femme Occulte magazines and Liber Magicae anthologies, you can try ritual practice yourself, whether you are advanced or just getting interested in magic and the occult. 

Femme Occulte ritual packages are linked to a specific magazine or anthology Liber Magicae. You will find ritual items such as semi-precious stones, dried herbs, incense, aromatherapy oils, divination and altar oracles, and much more, all in a natural linen bag with a mystical illustration

In addition to occult packages for your ritual practice, you can also be charmed by the ritual scent of Velle, which can be used to create a sacred atmosphere, to bless objects or for other magical work

Try the ritual practice with Femme Occulte packages and embark on a life filled with magical acts. Achieve your goals, whether they are personal growth and transformation, strengthening your spirituality, or alignment with the universal forces of magic and the occult.


Femme Occulte, your guide to the world of magic and spirituality. 


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Ritual Package SPRING 2024
(€15,05 excl. VAT)

Try out the rituals we write about in the Spring issues  

In stock  (11 pcs)
Mystery box
Mystery box
(€11,70 excl. VAT)

5 items from Femme Occulte collection

In stock  (5 pcs)
Ritual Package SUMMER 2024
Ritual Package SUMMER 2024
(€15,05 excl. VAT)

Include ideas from the Summer issue into your practice.

Print 5.5.2024  (16 pcs)
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Ritual package WINTER 2023
(€15,05 excl. VAT)

Include ideas from the Winter issue into your practice.

In stock  (1 pcs)
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Incense package Student
(€8,36 excl. VAT)

Try different ways of scenting your rituals

In stock  (8 pcs)
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Ritual fragrance Velle
(–29 %)
(€20,07 excl. VAT)

Magazine scents now as ritual fragrances!

In stock  (3 pcs)
Liber Haruspica
Liber Haruspica
(–33 %)
(€10,84 excl. VAT)

Divinatory notebook with cards meanings

In stock  (4 pcs)
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