Autumn 2023: The Chalice

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Get inspired by powers of autumn, water and cups

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Dear readers,

The watery time of autumn and moisture is finally here, and we can delve even deeper into already open topics and peer beneath the surface of many worlds.

We will toast to this from many goblets, chalices, and bowls, and sample information from a full editorial cauldron as we browse the answers about autumnal tools from all our blossoming astral garden members. The textual garden will be enriched, too, by chapters on the magical colchicum, alder tree, lungwort, and foxglove, whose chalice-like flowers give drink to fairies and goddesses alike. We will be the ones to drink from the beautiful pottery of the creator of Mechovo.

The magic of Water is a prominent and integral part of this issue. The magic of cauldrons is revealed in the chapter on treasures in Celtic mythology, which takes us to the ancient lakes. The Holy Guardian Angel will watch over us as we sail through them, and a bottle made according to our illustration will protect our home in between. Those brave enough can join the bard on a mythological voyage from the Abyss to life, which also the Princess of Cups experienced, at some stage. Perhaps, these journeys will bring us closer to understanding the human soul, whether through the Druidic theory of the three cauldrons or the sacred texts of the Zohar. 

We will delve into tasty recipes, an interesting conversation with another Czech lodge, and an incense practice focused on using scented paper to create a sacred atmosphere, promote abundance, and reconcile ancestors. In the end, we are treated to a treasure trove of partial previews of the graphic grimoire of 18 spells of Havamal, from the pen of Taxus, illustrated by Brad Robert Benford. If you want this grimoire in card form, with a detailed booklet, check out our website at

We wish a refreshing time to all souls thirsting for knowledge as you read the latest issue of Femme Occulte.


RITUAL TOOLS Tools of Autumn and Water 


DRUIDRY Cauldrons of Poetry as a Representation of The Soul

COMICS Protective Bottle


HERBALISM Plants of Cups


INCENSE Scented Papers


KABALA The Inner Journey of The Soul

FETCHCRAFT Holy Guardian Angel

FOLK MAGIC Sacred Water

CELTIC MYTHOLOGY The Voyage of The Nameless Bard

TAROT Princess of Cups

GRIMOAR 18 Spells of Hávamál

CZECH LODGES Lodge of Eight Keys



The Autumn issue blends the look of our pages with another of the fragrances of the magical pyramid from the Odore Temporum ensemble in notes of white tea, jasmine. and white rose. The autumn ritual composition is Velle (Will), made by Aconitum, @cottagewitchapothecary


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