Liber Magicae I Elements (2020)

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Third edition of book concluding chapters 2020

Based on the interest of our readers, we are honoured to announce another reprint of the book summarising the first year of Femme Occulte. 

Liber Magicae I is the natural conclusion of the 2020 series, which looked in depth into elemental magick and the four elements - Air, Fire, Water, and Earth - thereby tying everything together by adding the fifth element, Quintessence.

We hope Liber Magicae I to allow for more complex and comprehensive studies and practice with Femme Occulte, while bringing new insights and offering additional material and information. You will find here some advice for the seeking beginner, but above all chapters for the advanced practitioner who want a new deeper experience.


Liber Magicae I contains:


All Femme Occulte chapters from year 2020, edited, organised into the thematic sections

Several more chapters exclusive to the book including closer look at the authors

Sections: Magical Practice, Astrology, Elements, Natural Magic, Sabbaths, Mysteries

Appendices: In our garden grow, Astrology, Reviews, Stromocculum, Recommended literature and other sources

Complete description of ogham oracle Stromocculum

Bibliography with over 200 titles and sources

Add on: Planetary plates to charge your ritual tools

Over 450 pages

Original colourful photography

Over 45 hand drawn illustrations

8 hand drawn DIY stories


Sewn mechanically (V8) in vegan leather, with golden embossing 

 + planetary and elemental radiating plates

Finished product may vary from the picture.


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About authors:

Rhoda (text, design, production)
An airy fairy seeking inspiration for everyday life among clouds of fragrant smoke. She deals mainly with the folk magick of Slavic ancestors but sometimes also dives into the waters of occultism. She seeks inspiration for practice, mainly in historical sources.

Belladonna (text, illustration, photography, Czech version corrections)
A vlogger and artist experiencing the mystery of motherhood. She has long approached witchcraft from the position of an eclectic hedge witch. She prefers to reflect on philosophy, metaphysics, psychology, cognitive religion, and the sacred in the wetlands. She always manifests her muses into the matter under the will of nature. She is the creatrix of Stromocculum, the tree oracle.


Datura (text, photography)
Datura works with plants by creating magical compositions both in her practice and profession. She studied aromatherapy and focuses on Renaissance occultism in a modern form, herbalism, and the poison path in her spiritual/magical practice. She also devoted herself to Norse magick, Eastern spirituality, and is initiated to the second degree of reiki.


Oleander (chapters on astrology)
A storyteller who applies astrology in real life combined with psychology, self-development, and mythology. Cosmopolitan who feels at home among the stars. 


Papaver (English version corrections)
Pilgrim seeking a glimpse of mystery both in magic and science, in the woods and temples, behind closed eyes and in books. A solitary student of kabbalah, a Wiccan with wings spread all over the world and a member of the Brotherhood of Wolves firmly rooted in her motherland.

EN Liber Magicae I - second edition teaser

EN Liber Magicae I - walk through

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