Spring 2024: Morning

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Get inspired to practise morning rituals and self-care.

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The dawn. This is the beginning of the chapters of this year, which we bring to you in the spirit of the times of day and their beings. We will be guided through the spring issue, and the energies and rituals of the morning, by the magical Morning Star, from the perspective of Slavic tradition and the maiden aspect in the maiden-mother-crone triad. 

Our aim is to once again encourage and inspire you to practice magic. In this first issue, we present you with rituals, spells, chants and prayers that are appropriate to perform at times of beginning, whether of the day, the year, or the lunar cycle. We look at the fresh time of spring and morning through the lens of different spiritual paths. In the garden, you find magical morning plants and recipes, this year joined by herbal tea blends alongside the dishes.

The tea blends are linked to the druidic practice, in which we now open a series on the three cauldrons, i.e. the energy centres in the body, which you can work with in the long term using the ogham symbols and exercises described in the corresponding chapter.

A large part of the thematic lines is also devoted to active self-care and detailed work with one's own shadows, which lead to acceptance and understanding of personal qualities and abilities, and thus to greater effectiveness of the magical behaviour of a magician, or witch. 

In the cosy shade of the astral library, you can learn more about the individual plants of the Occult Woman's Garden - the authors who have long been part of our collective, thanks to the chapters at the end of the magazine. As in the previous year, Czech artists will enrich the visual side with their photographs.

We hope our texts will guide you through a garden full of growth and development of occult skills, and we wish you a fresh start for the new year with Femme Occulte.


List of Contents:




RITUALS Rituals of Morning and Spring

HERBALISM Journey to the Roots


INCENSE Uplifting Incense

KABBALAH Mystic's Dawn

CELTIC CAULDRONS The Cauldron of Poesy


COMICS Morning Self-Care

SHADOW MYSTERIES Harmony with the Underworld and Darkness

SHADOW WORK Shadows of Swords

FETCHCRAFT The Story of a Teenage Occultist


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80 pages

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