Summer 2023: The Wand

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Get inspired by powers of summer, fire and wands

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On our seasonal journey through the elemental worlds of the Western esoteric tradition, we once again enter the summer phase, the living Fire, and its associated magical tool, the magic wand. In the following few pages, you will learn what forms and variations of wands our authors use.

Stinging nettles, perfectly yellow scotch broom blossoms, and sweet cherries smelling of love grow through the chapters. They take us to our home and its protection, the nearby herb garden of the Slavic witch, and the distant jungle that Princess of Wands must traverse in search of herself. A mysterious jaguar, who could be her familiar, will help her to do so.

The author Taxus has written about the familiars in great detail to complete her cycle, beginning with Fylgja and continuing with Daimon in the previous issue. But not only spirit guides appear on the lines of our text. Papaver illuminates the three forms of the soul in the Hebrew Bible and Kabbalah.

As always, there are delicious summer recipes from Rhoda's kitchen; we add an interview with another Czech lodge and, after some time again, a rich book review. The great Czech photographer and witch, Elen Freya, has captured eye-pleasuring art for most summer issue photos.

We wish you a pleasant and soul-enriching read!


Summer magazine combines the look of our pages with another of the Odore Temporum fragrances in notes of lavender, chamomile, and vanilla. The ritual essence of Audere (Courage) was made for us by Aconitum, @cottagewitchapothecary.


List of Contents

RITUAL TOOLS Tools of Summer and Fire

FOLK MAGIC Living Fire

INDO-EUROPEAN TRADITION Home and Its Magical Protection


COMICS Woods for Wands

HERBALISM Plants of Wands

HERBALISM Herbarium of the Slavic Witch



INCENSE Aphrodisiacal Incense

KABBALAH Soul in Kabbalah


TAROT Princess of Wands

CZECH LODGES Lodge at the Green Sun

REVIEW The Dawn of Everything


80 pages

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