Autumn 2021: Will

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Inspired by Will, Water, and Autumn season.

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The year has slowly moved from hot summer days towards autumn. Evenings are already accompanied by storms announcing the coming harvest time. The Higher Will moves unstoppably through the cycle of life, which, at the height of its growth, tickles the heavens like the finest tips of tea leaves before embarking on its journey into darkness.

The Will became the guide of the Water, the third part of the magical pyramid. We already started to lightly deal with the Will in the previous issue of Femme Occulte. It manifests through our chapters in its many forms. It will, we hope, support the reader's development in Knowledge through a detailed list of correspondences, ignite their Courage with a spark of inspiration, and prove itself practical in rituals charged with the energy of the Cone of Power.

Riding the wave of the basic seasonal element, we will open several new topics and chapters. One of them will be tea. It is not originally Western in character and its inclusion in the magical processes taking place in the Bohemian basin might seem somewhat exotic, but it has become an important part of socializing of local witchcraft groups. It can be considered an important aspect of the occult atmosphere. In our experience, few witches from the heart of Europe would disdain an invitation to a tea room to chat about all things magical and read their cards - say Lenormand - over a cup of delicious drink.

The meditative and other effects of tea, hinted at in one of our past herbalism chapters, will be developed in several chapters from two plants of our garden. Both authors will offer their insight into the elemental attribution of different types of tea, but these should be seen as personal gnosis in both cases, reflecting their different approaches and sensitivities to each tea.

We hope you enjoy these reflections very much with your own tea infusion in hand and wish you pleasant reading.


On 100 pages of the issue you can find:

Hermetic analogy of animals


Planet Neptune

Hedge riding

Sex magick


Correspondences of Will

Autumn season

Harominsing herbs

and many more...

100 pages

B5 (9.9 x 6.9 inch / 25 x 17.5 cm)

FSC certified paper

Digital print

Perfect-bound paperback 

Full-colour photography and illustrations

Scented to enhance the sensory experience (Ritual fragrance Velle: white tea, white rose, jasmine absolute)



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