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The second edition of Lenormand by Femme Occulte

Category: Oracles

Lenormand oracle by Femme Occulte contains:

Pack of 36 cards in black-gold, gloss, size 6x10 cm

Little book with meanings/correspondences of each card

Gold tin box


On each card you will find:

Illustration of the card's theme

Name of the card in Czech and English

The card's sequence number in the deck

Matching card in the German deck

Matching card in the French deck

Symbol of the corresponding element of the Western esoteric tradition

Symbol of the corresponding tarot card suit

Card placement on the Grand Tableau


Lenormand is a traditional divination deck that helps you gain insight into a situation through the connections between the cards/symbols in your life.

It is suitable for quick daily readings using 3 cards, for partner readings of 9 cards, or for an extensive mapping of your present life and near future on the so-called Grand Tableau using all 36 symbols.

We hope you will be delighted with our oracle variant, which illustrates:

the symbol,

correspondence with other types of oracles (for easier comparative insight for those just starting out with Lenormand),

the position of the card on the Grand Tableau, which helps in quick orientation between the symbols and their position in the interpretation (other Lenormand variants do not show this)

The deck comes with a basic interpretation booklet, a more detailed description of the cards can be found in Liber Haruspica or Liber Magicae II.

Lenormand creation