Liber Haruspica

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Divinatory notebook with cards meanings

Category: Oracles & Tools

Notebook is divided into two parts.

The larger one consists of the meanings of following oracle decks:

Stromocculum (1st edition in the Autumn 2020 ritual package, 2nd edition available HERE)

Pendulum board (1st edition in the Autumn 2020 magazine)

Colormancy (1st edition also containing the Zener cards in the Spring 2021 ritual package)

Runes (1st edition of Elder Futhark with modified Kenaz and Inguz and added Wyrd in the Summer 2021 ritual package)

Lenormand (1st edition in ochre and black in the Autumn 2021 ritual package)

Geomancy (1st edition in gold and black in the Winter 2021 ritual package)


A smaller but still big enough section is the space for divination records.


Femme Occulte began as a quarterly, where we have been combining the best of the magazine and book worlds for over two years. Since its first steps, the project has evolved in the literary field and in the creation of ritual packages that are a practical partner to each issue, helping readers to try out the practices we describe in their magical lives.

Many inspirations and important moments came to us during the first year of the project. Among them was the idea of drawing an oracle deck for the Autumn 2020 ritual package. As this oracle became a popular tool, several other decks followed in 2021, and we intend to continue to pursue this type of medium in future years. 

In addition to the decks, the quarterly has grown in two other directions: first, a completely blank Liber Commentarium was created. It is a book for comments and notes from the quarterly books/magazines in the appropriate size. All the chapters of the four quarters of 2020, supplemented by a few additional texts, including the commentary on our first oracle, were then combined in a book Liber Magicae I, which will be followed soon by a second volume containing the chapters of 2021.

All these superstructures of the initial idea are mirrored in Liber Haruspica, which you are now holding in your hands. The paths of the empty notebook and the full book have come together at a crossroads, to find harmony while partially merging into one. With an emphasis on divinatory techniques, especially card interpretations, and the decks contained in our ritual packages of the past two years, the first part of this divination notebook has been created as a comprehensive overview of the meanings and correspondences of the symbolic systems of ogham, colours, runes, Lenormand, and geomancy.

The second part of the notebook is open to your comments, insights, inspiration, and above all, records of card readings, whether you read for yourself personally or for others, whether you use the decks from the Femme Occulte workshop or relate the meanings we have described to one of the sets of other creators. 

We hope that this tool will become a great part of your divination practice and that it will be a pleasant addition to the oracles not only for readers of the printed quarterly, but also for those who choose the online form of our texts at


100 pages

B5 (9.9 x 6.9 inch / 25 x 17.5 cm)

FSC certified paper

Digital print

Perfect-bound paperback 

Full-colour photography and illustrations


 Have a closer look at some of our oracles on the sheet Videos.

Belladonna o Liber Haruspica